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Backlight is a unique website creation and photo publishing platform, allowing photographers to create, manage and personalize their online photo galleries.

Get up and running in minutes with new photo galleries, or with an entire website. Use the built-in designer to personalize the look and functionality of your galleries or website.

There are no subscription fees; buy Backlight once, then use it forever on your own webspace.

Photos First

Most content-management systems are built for blogging; it's text first, and imagery seems almost an afterthought. Backlight is built first and foremost for creating photo galleries. Backlight is different, having been built specifically for photographers, to fit into a photo workflow, and with myriad options for personalizing your photo presentations.

Where to Start

Backlight encompasses much. If you're new to The Turning Gate and the things we build, then you'd do well to explore our demonstration galleries, watch some our videos on YouTube, check our news feed, or interact with our community.