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Publish Your First Album

Backlight is about to get exciting. It's time to publish your first album of images!

In Lightroom's Publish Services panel, right-click the TTG Publisher and select “Create Album…”

  1. Name your album. This will name is how the album will be listed in the Publish Services panel.
  2. Provide an Album Title, Album Description and Slug.
    1. If blank, the Name will be used for both Album Title and Slug.
    2. The Slug will be used in the album URL, i.e.
    3. Album Description is optional.
  3. For now, keep the defaults for all other settings. You can return here later to make any desired changes.
  4. Click “Create”.

You now have an empty album. From your Library's folders or collections, drag any images you want to put online on the new album in Publish Services. When ready, select the album and click the “Publish” button. Lightroom will export the images and send them to Backlight.

You may create as many albums as you like.

To view your newly published album, right-click the album under Publish Services; select “Go to Published Album”.

Next Step

At this point, your album will be rocking Backlight's default design. You will be able to customize this later, but first. it's time to Create Your First Pages.

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