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Create Your First Pages

If you have the Pages module, then you will be able to create pages for your website.

If you have purchased …

  • … the Backlight + Pages bundle, then the Pages module is already installed and ready to use.
  • … only the Backlight core, the Pages module may be purchased and installed separately.

The Pages module is fully optional. If using Backlight only to power your image galleries, then skip ahead to Create the Navigation Menu. Otherwise, read on.

Creating/Editing Pages

In the Backlight menu, select DesignerPages.

  • To create a new page, click “Create New Page”.
  • To edit an existing page, click its name in the page list, then “Edit” from the page options.
  • To modify a page's content, click “Design”; on the design page, you may:
    • Edit the page's text.
    • Insert an album.
    • Insert an album set.
    • Insert a contact form.

Building a Home page

For our Home page, set the following:

  • Name: Home
  • Identifier: home
  • Index Page: yes

Setting “Index Page: yes” allows Backlight to display the page as your Home page, i.e. the landing page at

Building an About page

For our About page, set the following:

  • Name: About
  • Identifier: about
  • Index Page: no

Building a Contact page

For our Contact page, set the following:

  • Name: Contact
  • Identifier: contact
  • Index Page: no

Though we have not yet created a contact form, Backlight has a default form we can use. On the Design page, open the Insert Contact Form section. Set this to “on”, then select the “Default” form.

If you'd like to edit the Default contact form, select DesignerContact Forms from the Backlight menu.

Next Step

With our pages made, let's next Create the Navigation Menu.

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