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Backlight 2 Installation & Setup

Customers upgrading from Backlight 1 should follow the steps outlined here:
Upgrading From Backlight to Backlight 2.

Backlight 2 is a standalone web application, with an optional Lightroom component.

The installation process for Backlight 2 has been streamlined compared to prior versions. Your download of Backlight 2 contains a single item, the Backlight 2 installer.

Watch the Backlight 2 Installation video.

Installing Backlight is a simple process, requiring an FTP client.

  1. First step, unzip the downloaded Backlight-2-Installer ZIP file.
  2. Copy the files from within the ZIP to your server. The location of files on your server is host-specific. Typically, this will be under the public_html. See our notes on FTP for further information.
    1. Be sure to include the .htaccess file. It may be invisible in Mac's Finder or Windows Explorer, but you should be able to see it in your FTP client; make sure it's set to show invisible files.
  3. After upload, the /backlight folder should be accessible from your site's home, i.e.
  4. To access the installer, visit
  5. You will be asked to supply your Backlight 2 order number and email address, then press “Log into Installer”.
  6. Press “Install Backlight 2”.
  7. After a moment, you should be informed that “Backlight 2 was installed successfully”. From here, press “Continue to Backlight”.
  8. Log in with username admin, password ttg8888.
    1. Now or in the future, you may reach the login page at URL
  9. Complete the Quick Settings page, press “Save Settings”.
  10. You will be logged in and taken to Backlight's Dashboard.

About the API Key

During the Quick Setup, you will be asked to provide an API Key for Publisher. The API Key is used by the optional Publish Services plugin for Lightroom CC Classic, detailed below, and allows that plugin to connect to Backlight's admin.

We do not provide the API Key; you create it here. The API Key is an arbitrary password or randomized string of any length. To use the optional Lightroom plugin, you will need to enter the same API Key here and during the plugin setup, described later.

You may change the API Key at any time.

Next Step

Congratulations! Backlight 2 is up and running.

Let's continue with Getting Started in Backlight 2.

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