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Wordpress Add-on Basics

Following installation, and having setup Wordpress itself, you're ready to start using the Wordpress Add-on.

  • In Backlight's menu, go BacklightSettings.
  • You will find a new section on this page, Wordpress.
  • Provide the Wordpress URL.
    • This will be the full address of your Wordpress installation, beginning with “http”.
    • For example,
  • Set your preference for “Export on Save”.
    • Most users will want to set “Yes”.
    • When enabled, the Wordpress theme will be updated automatically when changes are made in the designer to its template, or to its parent page template.

You're now ready to create a theme template.

  • In Backlight's menu, go DesignerTemplates.
  • You will find a new section on this page, Theme Templates.
  • Click “Create New Template”.
  • Provide a name for your template; this name will be used only within Backlight.
  • Provide an identifier for your template; this name will be used within Wordpress.
  • Click the “Add” button to create your template.

At this point, you will find yourself on the Design Template page. At present, there are no theme options here; you need only select the Page Template on which to base your theme, then click “Save”.

All that now remains is to send your theme to Wordpress. To do this, click on the theme's name in the page's breadcrumbs, or from the Templates page, then click “Export Theme”.

If your Wordpress Settings are correct and the /wp-content/themes folder is writable, as in our instructions, then your new theme will be exported directly to Wordpress and ready to use.

  • Log in to your Wordpress admin.
  • Navigation to AppearanceThemes.
  • Activate your theme.

And you're done! Go forth and blog.

If you should happen to update your template in Backlight, your changes will be automatically applied to your theme in Wordpress.

If necessary, you can force an export of your theme at any time by revisiting Backlight's DesignerTemplates page, clicking the template name, and then “Export Theme” on that page. Or, on the Designer page, click “Clear Template Cache”.

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