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 ====== Using PHPlugins in Backlight 2 ====== ====== Using PHPlugins in Backlight 2 ======
-...+PHPlugins enable designers to effect changes to their Backlight website globally, locally or specific to a single page, and to maintain those changes from a single, persistent locationUsing PHPlugins, user customizations may be applied to pages with precise control and in a dynamic, automated fashion. 
 +The possibilities are limited only by your ingenuity — use PHPlugins to keep up with your constantly changing social networks; site-wide navigation menus may be managed and updated from a single source; custom header, menu and footer designs may be applied dynamically to all pages in your site, and widgets may be added to specific pages. 
 +===== With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility ===== 
 +Be forewarned, however, that PHPlugins should be filed under Advanced Features. The feature is intended for use by web-designers,​ and assumes prerequisite knowledge of HTML and CSS, familiarity using an FTP client and text-editor to access and manipulate files on a web-server, and some degree of comfort working with PHP script. 
 +If the last paragraph makes you queasy feeling, then PHPlugins are not for you. There are limits to the amount of support we can provide on these features if you do not have the necessary background to make sense of them. 
 +That said, our documentation and the provided examples should allow most users to make sense of things without too much trouble. 
 ===== Enabling PHPlugins ===== ===== Enabling PHPlugins =====