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Upgrading from Backlight to Backlight 2

Upgrading from Backlight to Backlight 2 is a relatively simple process.

  1. Delete or move aside everything from within /backlight except for /backlight/data and /backlight/custom. Make sure to leave any gallery folders untouched.
  2. Continue to install Backlight 2 according to the Backlight 2 Installation Setup
  3. Visit each of the Admin, Publisher and Designer menu items to upgrade the databases
  4. Go to AdminBacklight Modules to install any add-ons that you may have purchased.
  5. Visit the Backlight landing page and click on Update Album Files

From AdminBacklight Modules, click the link to download the latest version of the Lightroom Publisher Plugin, then replace your local copy you are currently using with the new download.

Client Response users are advised to visit the Client Response landing page and click on Migrate Backlight 1 Client Response. This can only be performed after installing the Client Response add-on via the Backlight > Backlight Modules page.

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