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-====== Updating an Existing Installation of Backlight ====== 
-As a convenience,​ update notices on the blog and downloaded readme files contain specific instructions for replacing changed files and folders between updates. Following these instructions saves time by allowing you to upload the minimum assets required for an update, rather than having to upload the Backlight application in its entirety. 
-However, if you've skipped several versions, or dislike uploading individual assets, then you always have the option to update the application in full. Here, we explain how to do that safely. 
-**Important!** DO NOT replace the entire backlight folder. Doing so will remove ALL data and settings! 
-**Important!** DO NOT overwrite the following: 
-  * backlight/​custom 
-  * backlight/​data 
-These folders contain your personalization,​ including your settings, templates and databases. Replacing these folders will cause you to lose all settings and site data. 
-That said, to update from any previous version of Backlight to the very latest, download the most recent version of Backlight and its add-ons. You may use any download link previously received via email, or you may visit [[http://​​support|our Support page]] to retrieve your orders. 
-Again, do not replace the entire backlight folder. Instead, open the backlight folder on your website and replace all contents therein -- except the backlight/​custom and backlight/​data folders, as above -- with the newer versions. 
-After upload, log in to Backlight'​s admin. 
-  * Logging into the admin will trigger a database update. 
-  * In the menu, visit "​Designer"​ to trigger another update. 
-  * On this page, click "Clear Template Cache" to force an update of all templates. 
-  * If installed, visit "​Cart"​ to trigger update. 
-  * If installed, visit "​Client Response"​ to trigger update. 
-Finally, if using the older "​Okapi"​ design modules, you will need to download them separately, as they are no longer included in the core Backlight package. [[http://​​viewtopic.php?​id=7769|Download Okapi here]]. 
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