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Vegas Slideshow

The Vegas Slideshow presentation type can be used to create an inline slideshow, or a full-screen slideshow in the page background.

The slideshow supports auto-play, next/previous image navigation, and a variety of other options, and makes for an excellent splash screen for visitors to your website.

To create a full-screen slideshow, you should first create a full-screen page template.

Then, edit an existing album template, or create a new one using the Theater Add-on. In the designer, under Album Setup:

  • Inline Slideshow
    • Set Presentation : Vegas Slideshow
    • Set Type : Inline
  • Full-screen Slideshow
    • Set Page Template : select your full-screen page template
    • Set Presentation : Vegas Slideshow
    • Set Type : Full-screen

At this point, you should probably publish a few images so that you have something to look at, then return to Backlight to set your preferences as you like.

As a Home / Splash Screen

After creating a Vegas Slideshow gallery, as above, return to Lightroom's Publish Services and edit the album's settings thus:

  • Under the Features tab:
    • Enable “Hide from Album Set”.
    • Enable “Hide from Search”.

Return to Backlight. In Backlight's menu, go DesignerPages.

  • Click “Design” for your Home page.
  • For full-screen, set Page Template : select your full-screen page template
  • Under Insert Album, set Insert Album: On.
  • Select your Vegas Slideshow album as the album to insert.
  • Save.

Your Vegas Slideshow is now your Home page!

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