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 +====== Panorama ======
 +The **Panorama** presentation utilizes [[http://​​paver/​demo/​index.html|Paver JS]], allowing ultra-wide images to be panned horizontally using mouse or touch gestures.
 +[[http://​​galleries/​01-album-demonstrations/​14-th-panorama/​|View our new Panorama demonstration]],​ featuring images by Rod Barbee.
 +===== Usage Tips =====
 +For best results, under **Image Renditions** => **Photos**, set **Width** to its maximum value, then use the **Height** slider to manage the size of your exported images. Because of high-resolution displays, such as Apple'​s "​Retina"​ displays, you should choose a rendition height 2x your desired display height. For example, if setting **Presentation Height** as 480px, export your photos with a height of 960px.
 +Thumbnails are only used to represent the album in the parent Album Set; choose your thumbnail sizes accordingly.
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