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 +====== Compare: Juxtapose ======
 +With Juxtapose, you can present images in "​Before & After" image pairings. This is also a great way to compare differently processed versions of the same image, or for whatever other reason you like.
 +[[http://​​galleries/​02-theater-demonstrations/​juxtapose/​|See an example album]].
 +Edit an existing album template, or create a new one using the Theater Add-on. In the designer, under Presentation,​ set:
 +**Presentation Type ** \\
 +Compare: Juxtapose
 +You will have several options you can configure, mostly self-explanatory.
 +With a template ready to use, **go to Lightroom**.
 +Under **Publish Services**, create a new album:
 +  * Under **Base Settings** => **Template**,​ select your template.
 +Drag images into the collection. The album MUST have an even number of images, i.e. images in pairs. Publish when ready.
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