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Backlight 2

Documentation explicitly for Backlight 2, as differs from the previous version, is here. Much of the version 1 documentation still applies in Backlight 2, and you may find it below.

First Steps

Upgrading to Backlight 2

Next Steps


The Designer is where much of Backlight's magic happens. It allows you to customize the appearance and features of your website's galleries and pages. The items below cover the main concepts one should understand to make effective use of Backlight's designer.



Standard Modules

Backlight includes several standard modules used to create Page Templates, Album Set Templates, and Album Templates. These modules form the backbone of Backlight's Designer.

We name our design modules after animals. Backlight 2 uses the “Pangolin” modules.

Pangolin Page

Pangolin Album Set

Pangolin Album

Add-on Modules

Add-on modules extend Backlight 2 with additional features and functionality.


The Cart Add-on enables shopping cart features for Pangolin Album. The cart can be used to sell digital image downloads, photo prints, photo packages, or other physical goods or services. The cart accepts online payment via PayPal, or can be used to create invoiced orders, allowing the photographer to collect payment offline or by alternate means. Salable items may be setup with any number of additional purchase options. Orders are sent to your email, and are saved to Backlight's admin as backup.

Client Response

The Client Response Add-on allows Backlight's galleries to accept image selects and feedback from a visiting client. Its intended use is to help facilitate interaction between the photographer and client(s) following a photo shoot.


The Galleria Add-on creates beautiful slideshows, with touch support and a wealth of personalization features.


The Theater Add-on provides numerous alternative presentation types for image galleries and multimedia, including full-screen slideshow, before-and-after image comparisons, and video presentations.

WP Theme

The WP Theme add-on allows you to convert Backlight's page designs into WordPress themes, providing coherence between your Backlight-managed image galleries and your Wordpress-driven blog.


Legacy Documentation

Documentation for Backlight v1 is being updated for Backlight 2 and phased out. If you're still running Backlight v1, upgrade now.

For now, documentation remains available for our older Lightroom plugins. Of course, these plugins are deprecated and you should seriously consider an upgrade to Backlight 2.

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