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 +====== PayPal API Credentials ======
 +To enable PayPal support, Backlight Cart requires a set of credentials issued by PayPal to the account holder. Unfortunately,​ PayPal buries these credentials and makes them difficult to find. Shame on PayPal. Follow these steps to get at your credentials (steps may vary somewhat by regional PayPal service).
 +To gain credentials,​ you should be registered with PayPal as a '​Business'​ or '​Premium'​ account.
 +After logging into PayPal, click on '​Profile'​ on the top-right.
 +On the left side of the next screen, click on '​Selling tools'​.
 +Several line items will be displayed. Locate the line 'API Access'​ and click on '​Update'​.
 +You will be given two options; go with '​Option 2' to request or access your API credentials. Using the information provided here, you should be able to go live with PayPal support in your cart.
 +===== Testing Credentials =====
 +PayPal offers the ability to test the checkout mechanism without real transactions going through. ​ To use this mechanism, you'll need developer credentials from PayPal, obtained with the following steps:
 +  - Login to https://​ with your PayPal account
 +  - Click on Applications
 +  - Click on Sandbox accounts on the side menu
 +  - Create two accounts, one Business, and the other Personal
 +  - Click on the '​profile'​ link under the Business account
 +  - Click on the API Credentials tab
 +  - Find your three credentials (Username, Password and Signature) under the Classic TEST API credentials heading
 +  - Plug these into the PayPal "​Testing"​ credential settings of the Cart Settings
 +  - Make sure that the cart setting PayPal Deployment is set to Testing
 +  - Test the cart, and when checking out via PayPal, log in with the username and password created for the Personal account on step 4.
 +It is important that before sending customers to your galleries, that you change the PayPal Deployment to Live so that real checkouts can be made.
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