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-====== Migrating Settings From CE4 CRG to Backlight ====== 
-Backlight Client Response provides a function to migrate all existing feedback profiles, clients and feedback to Backlight. 
-In order to migrate CE4 CRG settings, the ttg-be and backlight directories must reside at the same level of your site.  Backlight must also have been set up, following our [[ Installation & Setup ]] guide. 
-It should be noted that migration will replace all Backlight Client Response settings. As such, it is strongly recommended to migrate from CE4 CRG to Backlight before using Backlight Client Response with clients. 
-It is also recommended to [[ Migrating Albums from CE4 to Backlight|migrate albums from CE4 to Backlight ]] before migrating CE4 CRG to Backlight. 
-An example setup would include these directories (amongst others): 
-   ​galleries/​ 
-   ​ttg-be/​crg/ ​   
-   ​backlight/​ 
-To perform the migration: 
-  - Login to the Backlight admin, at /backlight/ 
-  - Click on the Backlight then Client Response menu 
-  - Click on the link '​Migrate CE4 Client Response Gallery'​ 
-  - Confirm that you are ready to migrate the CE4 CRG settings by selecting '​yes'​. 
-  - Click Continue 
-Migration is then performed as follows: 
-  - The database files are copied over, and updates applied. ​ Click on the continue link, 
-You should then find that all of your CE4 CRG settings have been transferred to Backlight. 
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