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 +====== Migrating Settings From CE4 Cart to Backlight ======
 +Backlight Cart provides a function to migrate all existing products, pricing, orders and other settings to Backlight.
 +In order to migrate CE4 Cart settings, the ttg-be and backlight directories should reside at the same level of your site.  Backlight must also have been set up, following our [[ Installation & Setup ]] guide.
 +It should be noted that migration will replace all Backlight Cart settings. As such, it is strongly recommended to migrate from CE4 Cart to Backlight before selling photos through Backlight Cart.
 +It is also recommended to [[ Migrating Albums from CE4 to Backlight|migrate albums from CE4 to Backlight ]] before migrating CE4 CRG to Backlight.
 +An example setup would include these directories (amongst others):
 +   ​galleries/​
 +   ​ttg-be/​cart/ ​  
 +   ​backlight/​
 +To perform the migration:
 +  - Login to the Backlight admin, at /backlight/
 +  - Click on the Backlight then Cart menu
 +  - Click on the link '​Migrate data from CE4 Cart'
 +  - Optionally, confirm that you wish to also copy over CE4 Cart orders by selecting '​yes'​
 +  - Confirm that you are ready to migrate the CE4 Cart settings by selecting '​yes'​.
 +  - Click Continue
 +Migration is then performed as follows:
 +  - The database files are copied over, and updates applied. ​ Click on the continue link,
 +You should then find that all of your CE4 Cart settings (and orders, if selected) have been transferred to Backlight.
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