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-====== Migrating Albums From CE4 to Backlight ====== 
-Backlight provides a function to migrate all existing albums in a CE4 site to Backlight. 
-In order to migrate CE4 albums, the ttg-be and backlight directories must reside at the same level of your site.  Backlight must also have been set up, following our [[ Installation & Setup ]] guide. 
-It should be noted, that migration applies to all CE4 albums, and will replace all Backlight albums. ​ As such, it is strongly recommended to only migrate to an instance of Backlight that does not include any albums. ​ Two approaches to this are to test Backlight at a different location such as a subdirectory (e.g. at http://​​backlight-test/​backlight with albums at http://​​backlight-test/​galleries),​ or to remove all albums within your Backlight instance prior to migrating from CE4. 
-An example setup would include these directories (amongst others): 
-   ​galleries/​ 
-   ​ttg-be/ ​   
-   ​backlight/​ 
-Prior to migration, the albums within galleries/ will be managed by the CE4 engine within ttg-be/​. ​ After migration, the albums will be managed by Backlight within backlight/. 
-To perform the migration: 
-  - Login to the Backlight admin, at /backlight/ 
-  - Click on the Backlight then Publisher menu 
-  - Click on the link '​Migrate CE4 Publisher'​ 
-  - Confirm that you are ready to migrate the galleries by selecting '​yes'​. 
-  - Click Continue 
-Migration is then performed in two steps: 
-  - The database files are copied over, and updates applied. ​ Click on the continue link, then: 
-  - The album files are updated to use Backlight templates 
-After migrating in the backend, you'll need to change your API URL (and optionally API Key) for each Publisher instance in Lightroom. ​ Double-click the Publisher instance and change these accordingly. ​ For example, a CE4 API URL may be in the form http://​​ttg-be/​publisher/​. ​ You would change this to http://​​backlight/​publisher/​ 
-Depending on your template designs, further, optional, steps may be useful: 
-  - If the thumbnail sizes differ between your CE4 designs and Backlight designs, you may need to re-publish the affected photos for your designs to look correct. ​ The Lightroom Publisher plugin shipped with Backlight includes a new option '​Publish thumbnails without updating other renditions',​ found by double-clicking your Publisher instance. ​ After checking this, any re-publishing of photos will only push updated thumbnails, making the update much faster. 
-  - If you have created a number of Album Set and Album templates, these can be assigned in bulk from the Backlight admin pages. ​ Click on Backlight, then Publisher, followed by Top-level Galleries. You'll find an Albums link for each Top-level Gallery. ​ Click this, followed by Assign Templates. ​ You'll then be able to assign templates to all Album Sets and Albums under a Top-level Gallery. 
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