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Backlight Installation & Setup

Backlight's core is comprised of two parts:

  • the Backlight web application
  • the Publisher plugin for Lightroom

To use Backlight, the two parts must be installed and talking to each other. This simple process requires an FTP client.

  1. First step, unzip the downloaded ZIP file.

Install Backlight

  1. Copy the files from within the ZIP to your server. The location of files on your server is host-specific. Typically, this will be under the public_html. See our notes on FTP for further information
    1. DO NOT copy readme.txt or TTG-Publisher.lrplugin.
    2. If installing Backlight + Pages, be sure to include the .htaccess file. It may be invisible in Mac's Finder or Windows Explorer, but you should be able to see it in your FTP client; make sure it's set to show invisible files.
    3. After upload, the /backlight folder should be accessible from your site's home, i.e.
  2. You may need to make the /backlight/data and /galleries directories writable, as described here. This step is not required for all hosts.
  3. Log in at with username admin, password ttg8888.
  4. Complete the Quick Settings page, press “Save”.

Install Publisher

  1. Place TTG-Publisher.lrplugin anywhere on your system. It's location should be:
    1. … easily accessible, to better facilitate plugin installation and updating.
    2. … someplace the plugin can reside long-term.
  2. Launch Lightroom.
  3. In the File menu, select “Plug-in Manager…”
  4. Within the Lightroom Plug-in Manager window, click “Add” in the lefthand column.
  5. Navigate to the TTG-Publisher.lrplugin file, click “Add Plug-in”.
  6. Click “Done”.

From this point, you should be in Lightroom's Library module. In the lefthand panel, location the Publish Services section. If absent, right-click the lefthand panel and ensure that “Publish Services” is checked.

Within the Publish Services panel, you should see an entry for TTG Publisher. Double-click the entry, or right-click and select “Edit Settings…”

  1. The API URL will be
  2. The API Key, you will have set on the Quick Settings page when installing Backlight, above.
  3. Click “Save”.

Next Step

Your should now be ready to Publish Your First Album.

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