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 +====== General Cart Configuration ======
 +A large number of options can be configured by clicking on //​Settings//​ under //​Cart//​. ​ These are grouped into several sections:
 +  - **Peronalisation** - Select the template to control the appearance of the customer-facing cart pages.
 +  - **Pricing and Formats** - Setup the format and pricing of the currency you are using.
 +  - **Taxes** - configuration of sales tax options
 +  - **Checking Out** - configuration of checkout methods, PayPal credentials and PayPal configuration.
 +  - **Orders** - All order-related settings, such as minimum order amount, email formatting and customization.
 +  - **Miscellaneous** - Setting of cart language and other settings.
 +It is important that you review and customise the settings in the Personalisation thru Orders sections. ​ Further details about the purpose and expected values in each field can be found by hovering over the '​info'​ icon next to each item.
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