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The Templates menu allows you to create and manage templates for your albums, album sets and pages.

The following submenu commands are available under the Templates menu:

List Templates
Displays a list of existing templates, or allows you to create new templates.

Import Template
Allows you to import templates previously exported as files.

Assign Templates
Here you can assign templates to be used by Backlight's “special” pages, such as search results, cart checkout pages, etc.

If publishing a non-English website, this allows you to localize various text strings used in pages and albums into your own language.

Uploaded Images
Allows you to upload images to Backlight, or manage images previously uploaded. You may upload a logo, favicon, apple-touch-icon, or images you'd like to use on your pages. Uploaded images will be available to select in various places when designing Backlight's templates.

Clear Template Cache
A maintenance function, this resets Backlight's template cache and causes templates to be rebuilt.

Template Types

Backlight handles three types of templates:

  • Page Templates
  • Album Set Templates
  • Album Templates

A Page Template defines the overall look and feel of the website. Here you set up your masthead/logo, site navigation, and the basic layout and behavior for the whole of your website.

Album Set Templates and Album Templates allow you to customize the presentation of your thumbnail grids and image presentations. When creating a new album set template or album template, you must select an existing page template on which to base your design. Therefore:

Page Template + Album Set Template ⇒ Album Set

Page Template + Album Template ⇒ Album

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