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 +====== Menu Sets ======
 +Under **Menu Sets**, you can create and organize navigation menus for your website. You can create a single menu set to use for all of your galleries or pages, or create several different sets to appear in various places.
 +A page template should be assigned ONE menu set.
 +The menu set designer allows you to add or remove various types of links, and you can reorder links by dragging them into the desired sequence.
 +For each menu item, provide a name and select a type of link. Supported types include:
 +  * **Page** - Select from a list of pages already created in Backlight; requires the Pages add-on.
 +  * **Album** - Select from a list of albums already published to Backlight.
 +  * **Album Set** - Select from a list of album sets already published to Backlight.
 +  * **URL** - Link to an external site or page by web address; begin links with %%http://%% or %%https://​%%,​ as appropriate.
 +  * **Non-interactive** - Create an item that cannot be clicked; typically used to create a non-interactive parent item for submenus.
 +Backlight supports drop-menus up to three levels deep (a parent menu item, and two children). Use the "​Add"​ and "​Remove"​ commands on individual menu items to manage submenu items.
 +After creating a menu set, you will be able to select it when designing a page, album or album set template.
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