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Contact Forms

The Contact Forms menu item is only available when you have the Pages Add-on installed1).

This page allows you to create contact forms. Once created, a contact form may be included on a page.

Existing contact forms are listed in a table. You may “Edit” the contact form, or “Delete” it. Else you may create a new contact form by clicking the “Create New Contact Form” link located beneath the table.

Edit Contact Form

Give your form a recognizable name.

The invitation is a block of text that will appear above your form. Use this as a call to action, i.e. “To get in touch via email, fill out the form below!”

Enable reCAPTCHA
Includes Google's reCAPTCHA as a part of your form to prevent spam submissions. See Google reCAPTCHA Spam Protection for details.

Extra Fields
All contact forms include Name and Email fields. You may create additions form fields here.

Using Your Contact Form

To use a contact form, it should be inserted onto a page. Go to DesignerPages in the menu, and edit a page. Scroll down to the section titled “Insert Contact Form”. Turn this on, then select the desired form from the list.

The Pages Add-on is pre-installed with the Backlight + Pages Bundle, or is available separately if only using the core Backlight product
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