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 +====== Custom Stylesheets ======
 +While Backlight is highly customizable on its own, it's also incredibly easy to implement a custom stylesheet with your own [[http://​​css/​css_intro.asp|CSS]]. You may want to use a custom stylesheet to style an element in ways not covered by Backlight'​s designer, to override our existing styling, or to style your own elements in copy areas or PHPlugins.
 +To use custom CSS, create or edit an existing CSS file in ''/​backlight/​custom/​css''​.
 +In Backlight'​s Designer, edit the desired Page Template. Scroll down and set:
 +  * **Advanced Customization** => **Custom Stylesheet** => **Enabled** : **On**
 +  * **Advanced Customization** => **Custom Stylesheet** => **Include File** : file-name.css
 +Any page, album or album set utilizing that template will include the file's styling rules.
 +When overriding default styling, it's good to begin by examining the page template'​s generated stylesheet. The best way to avoid conflicts or strange behavior is to use the same selectors that we've used to style Backlight.
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