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 +==== Image Selects: ON ====
 +You will be able to select the icon type, and a highlight color for that icon. 
 +==== Image Feedback: ON ====
 +You will have some options for customizing the UI, and the metadata presentation for images in the feedback panel for each image.
 +You may have up to six pieces of metadata on display; use [[Metadata Tokens]] to customize the metadata output. After making changes to metadata configuration,​ existing galleries will need to be republished from Lightroom.
 +To customize other items in the feedback panel -- including star rating, options and comments -- you will need to create a feedback profile. Feedback profiles are independent of the album template, and may be referenced by multiple templates. Select the feedback profile for an album from Lightroom'​s Publisher, when publishing the album.
 +To create a feedback profile, in the Backlight admin menu, go to **Client Response** => **Settings** => **Feedback Profiles**.
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