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Create the Navigation Menu

If you're following along with our first steps, then you've published your first album. In which case, you now have at least one image gallery online, and a gallery index as it's parent.

If using Backlight's Pages module, then you should also have a few pages made. Otherwise, you may already have a website or blog entirely separate from Backlight.

It's time we tied all of this together using Backlight's navigation menu.

To get started, in the Backlight menu, select DesignerMenu Sets.

You may click “Design” to edit the Default menu, or “Create New Menu Set” to build a new menu. In either case, you will be taken to the Design Menu Set page. If setting up Backlight for the first time, edit the Default menu.

Multi-level menus are supported.

The menu creator should be fairly straightforward.

  • Click “Add” to create a menu item.
    • Click “Add” on any menu item to add a child item.
    • Click “Remove” on any item to remove that item.
      • Removing an item will also remove its children.
  • You may drag items to reorder them within their level; grab the icon in the top-right corner.

Menu items may be linked in a variety of ways. Set “Link to” as:

  • Page
    • allows you to select a created page from a list.
  • Album
    • allows you to select a published album from a list.
  • Album Set
    • allows you to select a published album set from a list.
  • URL
    • allows you to manually enter an address.
      • URLs beginning with “http” or “https” will be used as-is.
      • URLs beginning with “/” will be used as-is.
      • otherwise, your input will be appended to the Site URL in Backlight's settings.
  • Noninteractive
    • creates an unlinked item, used as a parent heading for a child menu.

“Save” when finished.

Next Step

You should have a fully formed, fully navigable website. You might want to create additional albums or pages, and you now know how to do exactly that. Create or edit whatever content you like, then when you're ready, we can start Using the Designer to customize the look or your site.

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