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Client Response Add-on Basics

The Client Response Add-on allows Backlight's galleries to accept image selects and feedback from a visiting client. Its intended use is to help facilitate interaction between the photographer and client(s) following a photo shoot.

To use the Client Response Add-on, the client response features should be enabled and configured in an album template based on the Pangolin Album module.

In Backlight's admin menu, go to DesignerList Templates. Scroll down to the Album Templates, and either create a new template or clone an existing template of type “Pangolin Album”.

In the designer for that template, scroll down and open the “Add-ons” control group. For the “Enable Add-ons” option, select “Client Response” 1). You will then have options to enable and customize Image Selects and Image Feedback.

Image Selects

Set “Image Selects” to ON.

You will be able to select the icon type, and a highlight color for that icon.

Image Feedback

Set “Image Feedback” to ON.

You will have some options for customizing the UI, and the metadata presentation for images in the feedback panel for each image. You may have up to six pieces of metadata on display; use Metadata Tokens to customize the metadata output. After making changes to metadata configuration, existing galleries will need to be republished from Lightroom.

To customize other items in the feedback panel – including star rating, options and comments – you will need to create a feedback profile. Feedback profiles are independent of the album template, and may be referenced by multiple templates. Select the feedback profile for an album from Lightroom's Publisher, when publishing the album.

To create a feedback profile, in the Backlight admin menu, go to Client ResponseSettingsFeedback Profiles.

Client Management

When publishing a gallery with client response features, you must set a method of client management for the gallery. Galleries may be Managed or Unmanaged. You may find one method more suitable than the other, depending on your purposes for the gallery.

Managed Galleries

Managed galleries are generally inaccessible, except by a logged in client, having been granted access to one or more managed galleries.

A client account must be created by the photographer, and credentials issued to the client manually. In the Backlight admin menu, go to Client ResponseClients to create a new client account.

After creating the client account, click Assign Albums to assign managed albums to the client.

After setting up the client account, you should manually email the client their login and password. Clients may login either at the URL of an assigned album, or at

After logging in:

  • If only one album is assigned, the client will be redirected to their album.
  • If multiple albums are assigned, the client will be presented a list of assigned albums.

The client's feedback will be preserved between sessions, so the client may exit or log out from the album and resume at a later time.

A client account can have exactly ONE user, and is not intended for group use. Once a client has submitted feedback on a manged album, feedback on that album will be closed and the client will not be able to submit additional feedback 2).

Unmanaged Galleries

Unmanaged galleries do not support or require client accounts, and may be either open to the public or password protected with a shared login/password combination.

Visitors may make image selects and provide feedback. On submission, they will be asked to provide (at minimum) a name and email address, plus any additional information configured by the photographer.

Feedback may be received from any number of individuals, and an individual client may return to the same gallery to submit multiple rounds of feedback, each handled in isolation from earlier submissions.

Without a client account, unsubmitted feedback has a short lifespan within the browser. Clients should finish and submit their feedback in a single session to prevent, as any unsubmitted feedback may be lost when next visiting the gallery.

File Naming

It's best practice to adopt good file naming convention for your images. The key concepts you need to bear in mind are:

  • Every image in your Library should have a unique file name.
  • Your online files should be named identically to those in your catalog.

The latter point implies that you should have an understanding of how Lightroom handles file naming on export. Also, you should avoid using Lightroom's Virtual Copies in your galleries, as Lightroom is frustratingly inconsistent in how it handles the naming of virtual copies on export.

Processing Image Selects

Upon receiving feedback, you will find yourself with one or more lists of comma-separated file names. Assuming you've been using good file names, as above, this makes it very easy to isolate the selected images in Lightroom's Library.

So you will have a list like this one:

mc_20121116_Cambodia_0261, mc_20121115_Cambodia_0360, mc-20131123-081045-Pinatubo-0132, mc_20121115_Cambodia_0052, mc-20131123-083858-Pinatubo-0166, mc_20120818_Lantau_Island_0070, mc_20121114_Cambodia_0016, mc-20131202-120958-Batad-0100

Copy and paste the list of file names into Lightroom's Text filter, with the settings:

Text | Filename | Contains

The images will be isolated in your Library.

The filter will be applied to the currently selected folder or collection, so make sure you're in the right place, or just select All Photographs under Catalog on the left side of the Library.

The Client Response Add-on must be installed
The photographer may manually reopen the gallery for feedback.
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